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place in san leandro, richmond, san francisco, and san jose. we are also told we can expect to see flash mobs, strikes, and rallies. reporting live in oakland, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thanks, jodi. >>> it's happening now. from the airports to the roads, the rush is on to get away for the thanksgiving holiday. we want to take a live look of 80 in oakland, actually slow going right now. this is a live picture of 880 holiday traffic. a little bit of a slow going, but not too bad for 5:00 right now. we want to take a look at 101 near palo alto. the right side is southbound, and a little bit slow there, but not too bad. people heading to the relatives' house possibly a little bit early. and now let's take a look at our south bay traffic cameras. it shows a little bit slow going southbound on 880. but other than that, maybe a little slow going on 280 southbound. but other than that pretty smooth for this time of day. >> as for the three major airports so, far so good. here is the scene at sfo today. some long lines this morning. take a look. but pretty clear by this aft
only on nbc bay area. he's charged with murder and for starting a gunfight with san jose police. today jonathan which will banks said nothing in court. he lowered his head during his arraignment. however, his brother is speaking out to us. nbc bay area in that courtroom as the suspect faced the judge for the first time today. >> reporter: well, raj, jonathan which will banks did not look very menacing in court today, but police say he is a cold-blooded killer, be and they are still looking for a second man who they say helped him. he lowered his head for most of the hearing. the lawyer for jonathan which will banks explained the posture outside the courtroom. >> i would say extremely remorseful. >> reporter: remorseful for what, sir? which will banks is charged with killing a carjacking victim and then going on a crime spree that ended in a shoot-out with san jose police. >> someone who would do something like this. >> reporter: in an exclusive interview, which will banks' younger brother couldn't answer if he thought which will banks was capable of such violence. eric which will banks
towards i-5 at the limit up and over the altamont pass, very light. san jose, chp and another car involved in an accident on the tracks, vta tracks at first and brokaw, vta working to put a bus bridge in. so far just switching back now. >>> this morning traffic is back to normal on i-58 poe in oakland after being shutdown for a -- on i-580 in oakland after being shutdown for a gun battle between two cars on the gun battle ended with two cars crashing. when officers arrived they found both vehicles riddled with bullets people in the cars nowhere to be found. not known if anyone was injured. >>> in oakland, police investigating a homicide blocks from that freeway shooting. police were called to the scene 9:30 last night on hilton near seminary. no word on the circumstances involving the death of the victim, so far this case does not appear to be related to the freeway shooting. >>> happening now, volunteers at glide memorial are beginning final preparations to serve breakfast in one hour. live look now you can see they are busy, glide expects to serve more than 5,000 people for thanksgiving
are in fairfield, richmond, and san jose. >> i plan to walk out on black friday too. >> wal-mart has the right to make money, but they shouldn't do that in an unjust fashion. they should make sure their employees are paid fairly and justly and don't live on the edge of desperation. >> reporter: wal-mart maintains it will be business as usual at all its stores and that shoppers will see nothing unusual over the next few days. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> shelters around the bay area are opening their doors to those in need this thanksgiving and a growing number of them are veterans. new at 6, john is live in redwood city with the help being offered this holiday to those who served our country in uniform. >> reporter: this is the maple street shelter where residents are wrapping up dinner here on the night before thanksgiving. 75 men and women live here, including those who were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for their country. johnny served during the vietnam area. >> i felt like i was going to day. >> reporter: this has been amos's home since july. it's not where this veteran thi
. >>> a man accused in a deadly crime spree in san jose now says he is sorry. the man was in court today even as police are still looking for his partner in last friday's rampage. cbs 5 reporter len ramirez on the why showing remorse now probably won't help his case much. >> reporter: this is something you rarely hear from a public defender that the client is remorseful but he didn't say exactly what's remorseful for as this death penalty case gets under way. >> jonathan wilbanks... >>> reporter: wearing the red pullover and shackles of a man accused of murder, jonathan wilbanks walked to his first court appearance with his head down. he is accused of killing a man during an attempted carjacking and wounding a san jose cop after a string of armed robberies but he did not enter a plea. >> no thank you. >> reporter: outside, his court- appointed lawyer spoke to wilbanks' state of mind. >> extremely remorseful. >> reporter: wilbanks and an accomplice allegedly robbed four san jose businesses at gunpoint last friday night then killed 22-year-old rory parkpettiford while attempting to carjack him
jose's fame miss turkey trot -- famous turkey trot. we are in san jose in the middle of everything and i'm looking over your shoulder, this is one of the biggest thanksgiving day races in the country. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, and the costume contest is about to get underway. you can see there's some great costumes. there's indiana jones, we have super mario brothers, a robot. and even pacman, and it's going to be a lot of fun, judging is about to start, but in the next 45 minutes, the first race will begin. now, this is video of last year's turkey trot. it's the second largest race of its kind on thanksgiving day. a majority are participating in the 5 and 10 k. organizers have extended the deadline until 8:00 a.m., and we started seeing a lot more people starting to show up, and getting warmed up to race. >> i feel it's cool, like it's intimidated, but the fact that there are so many people you don't know, it's encouraging you to -- >> are you excited about burning calories? >> yeah, yeah. more excited about eating afterwards. >> reporter: all the registration funds raised
with his head down. he is accused of killing a man during an attempted carjacking and wounding a san jose cop after a spring of robberies. >> no, thank you. >> reporter: outside his court-appointed lawyer spoke to his state of mind. >> extremely remorseful. >> reporter: he and an accomplice allegedly robbed four san jose businesses then culled rory park pettaford while attempting to carjack him in a parking lot. they fired on an officer several times, bracing his belt and disabling his weapon. he crashed his car and was arrested while his partner escaped on foot. the crime spree could land him in prison for the rest of his life or worse. >> the murder of rory, that potentially is a life without the possibility of parole or a death penalty charge. there's not much more you can do to somebody after that. but the attempted murder of a police officer is a life offense in itself. >> reporter: despite a $20,000 reward on his head and an all-out police manhunt, the second suspect continues to allude capture. >> this is somebody but for the grace of god, this officer could have been killed. we h
is accused of killing a man during an attempted carjacking and wounding a san jose cop after a string of armed robberies but he did not enter a plea. >> no thank you. >> reporter: outside, his court- appointed lawyer spoke to wilbanks' state of mind. >> extremely remorseful. >> reporter: wilbanks and an accomplice allegedly robbed four san jose businesses at gunpoint last friday night then killed 22-year-old rory parkpettiford while attempting to carjack him in the parking lot of a 7-eleven. later when tailed by a police patrol car, the crime partners allegedly stopped, got out and fired on the officer several times grazing his gun belt and disabling his service weapon. after another brief chase, wilbanks crashed his car and was arrested while his partner escaped on foot. the district attorney says the crime spree could land wilbanks in prison for the rest of his life or worse. >> the murder of rory parkpettiford is potentially a life without the possibility of parole or a death penalty charge. so there's not much you can do to somebody of that. but the attempted murder of a police of
, for the afternoon -- and also san jose with a 64 degrees in fremont. temperatures in the mid upper 60s 65 in concord, antioch, livermore, pleasanton, low 60s for the most part for the east bay shores and the coast. 60s and the san francisco, with mid 60s for the north bay. as for the sierras? we did see that storm moved quickly. dry roads, and it will stay dry not only for today, tomorrow, and for a " portion of this weekend and the extended forecast. warmer weather for thursday, friday, saturday, mild and on the mild side. all the way through thanksgiving weekend. >> coming up later, jim harbaugh will of the kaepernick or alex smith? he will be pulling your leg a little bit and also this man is opening up his orange and team to open up his arms-and inch or hockey. enjoy hockey get 36 months interest-free financing through thanksgiving weekend at sleep train, and save $400, $500, up to $600 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get 3 years interest-free financing on serta icomfort and tempur-pedic. plus, free same day delivery, set-up, and removal of your old set. when brands compete, you save. but m
. >>> two suspects in a deadly crime spree in san jose -- one says he's sorry. jonathan wilbanks walked into court today with his head down. he had -- he and an accomplice are accused of killing a man during a carjacking and wounding a police officer after a series of armed robberies last friday. wilbanks' attorney says his client is extremely remorseful, but that may not help his case. >> the murder of rory, that potentially is a life without possibility of parole or a death penalty charge. the attempted murder of a police officer is a life offense in itself. >> despite a $20,000 reward and all-out man hunt, the second suspect is still on the loose. >>> it is just after 9 in the morning on the israel-gaza border and both sides are respecting the cease-fire, for now. cbs 5 reporter elizabeth cook explains what happens next. >> reporter: the cease-fire means israel will stop targeted assassinations of militant leaders and palestinians in gaza will stop rocket attacks. many fear this cease fear is only a band-aid on a deep wound. after 20 hours of negotiations in egypt, secretary of state
101, clearing stages. >>> breaking news out of the south bay. san jose firefighters on the scene of suspicious fire at a hair salon on lundy avenue. here's a live look. firefighters with hoses, the ground is wet, there are a lot of stores in that strip mall. according to a dispatcher this fire was reported one hour ago they made quick work of it. we are waiting to get an update. it looks like that beauty salon is at the center of it. >>> this morning traffic back to normal on i-580 in oakland after being shutdown a couple hours last night following a gun battle between people in two cars. sky 7 hd was overhead after lanes were closed seminary drive and edwards avenue 8:30. the gun battle ended with two cars crashing, officers found both vehicles riddled with bullets, people in the cars nowhere to be found. nobody has shown up at area hospitals. investigators say there is no active search underway for the people involved in that shooting. >> oakland police investigating a homicide blocks from that freeway shooting. police were called 9:30 last night at hilton near seminary avenue.
a san jose police officer could be facing the death penalty. >> his head down and shackled at the waist and the feet, resulting from last friday's rampage his injuries. jonathan will banks said nothing for mr. reichmann that was less than three minutes he faces murder, attempted murder, armed robbery at a special circumstance charges for tried to kill a police officer >> he is charged with first- degree murder with a special circumstance of a carjacking that makes him eligible with a live with of the eligibility of parole and also the death penalty. >> will banks, this accomplished that is still at large are calling one of four different armed robbery she convenienc stores where they /+ killed if this child. they are asking to find the second suspect. >> the only thing i can offer is that those are of a coward. >> this is how the suspects opened fired. and he was saved by his gun belt but they continued and the pursuit in any way. >> he continued his chase on foot but his gun was not functioning because it was struck by a round. the whether or not will bankse is cooperating with the loc
car? we'll talk about that and your weather coming up. >> and we're nothing an accident in san jose blocking vta light rail. i'll have details on that in just a few minutes. >>> good morning, everyone. of course, it's thursday, happy thanksgiving, everyone! november 22nd. glad you're sharing it with us. i'm frank mallicoat. >> yes. i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:00. happening right now, black friday deals not on friday but today on thanksgiving. kmart stores just opened with huge specials. >> 601. cbs 5 reporter somewhere in the mess there is elissa harrington at kmart. >> reporter: when the doors open people literally ran inside grabbing their carts around rushing off to the areas where they want to get gifts. they are shopping for themselves, too. some of the hot ticket items electronics. here at kmart, you can get a 42" tv for 199.99. used to be $450. nintendo dsi for 79.99. some dvd players for $10. digital cameras for $50. so some people -- [ yelling ] >> reporter: so some people have been waiting in line since 10:00 last night waited 8 hours to get in here. but we're talk
going through here into this morning and take a look at rainfall totals. look at san jose. two tenths of an inch. san francisco just over an inch. livermore, 2200 of an inch. temperatures falling mid-50s low 60s, bundle up if you're heading out of the door. clear, capitol hilly overnight. this is going to be sunny, mild thanksgiving looking fabulous for plans. there is a cold front went through. high pressure is now calling sho.s you don't have to worry about storms this long holiday weekend. what happens in overnight hours fog forms in central valley. this is monday. when that happens could be dense in pockis chls -- pockets. watch out for fog, temperatures on the chilly sichld you'll need a layer, low 40s around santa rosa, napa and fair feemd. 49 in oakland. 47 degrees in san jose. afternoon looking fabulous, sunshine, high clouds, 63 san francisco. 65 san jose. ampb the bay, thanksgiving day, mild. 67 degrees in santa cruz. 70 in salinas. hard to believe. check out the accu-weather forecast. dryéxge thanksgiving. foggy morning friday. black friday going to be chilly. sunny skies
jose resultaron una trampa mortal... pitch - cesar un hombre muri atropellado esta maÑana en san jos y el conductor se dio a la fuga.. take map ---el incidente ocurri en la interseccin de las calles alum rock y jackson a eso de las 6 de la maÑana.. ---lo extrano es que no parece que el conductor que huy, haya tenido la culpa.. stop open roll open take 2 box ---jaime peluffo nos acompaÑa con los pormenores.. jaime.. cu - peluffo asi es, la polica dice que lo que pudo haber sido un simple accidente sin consecuencia para el conductor, ahora es una investigacin mucho ms seria.. :01 - :06 :14 - :20 :25 - :32 :55 - :1:03 trt: 1:40 o.c. "no deben temerle a la policía." la polica dice que el peatn, quie slo ha sido identificado como un hombre adulto, fue impactado primero por un vehiculo que se dio a la fuga, y luego fue rematado por un segundo cuyo conductor se orill y esper a la polica. s.o.t.josé garcía/portavoz, policía de san josé 15:28:24 parece ser que la víctima iba cruzando la calle alum rock fuera del crucero peatonal. residentes de la zona se han quejado de la falta de seÑa
to return to court next month. san jose police are also looking for a hit and run driver in the allen rock neighborhood today. this happened right near jackson and allen rock heavy. police station say the man may not have been in the crosswalk he was hit after 6:00 a.m. by two vehicles. the according to investigators, the first driver drove away. traffic was tied up in that area and vta had to reroute some buses. the victim's name is being withheld until the next of kin is notified. >> for an already heart broken mother, authorities in -- found fell down a cliff in a water- filled quarry while searching for this cat. police searched for 59-year-old andrew malyon for hours. fire officials say that they have not found a hole in the fence, and neighbors suspect that he climbed over. he was searching for this cat in the rain and likely slipped and fell into the water 2378. >>> a san francisco sheriff deputy faces misdemeanor charges following a confrontation. 36-year-old deputy mansoya green was arrested on six charges, including making criminal threats and possession of a deadly weapon. green
. live in downtown san jose, kiet do, cbs 5. >>> and continuing the theme here, two lucky turkeys won't be showing up for thanksgiving dinner. >> in the spirit of the season, i have one more gift to give, and it goes to a pair of turkeys named cobbler and gobbler. the american people have spoken. and these birds are moving forward. >> for the first time, people voted on facebook for the bird they wanted to save. next stop for those turkeys, a specially prepared pen at mount vernon, george washington's estate. after that, a tranquil requirement. hanging out with the rest of the animals on the farm. >>> go ahead. stuff yourself this thanksgiving! [ laughing ] >> not with those turkeys, though. kim says it's okay, really. >> apparently it's the latest way to lose weight. you can even eat candy. but not just any kind. no, no. >> reporter: the more we get, the more we get. but that can have consequences. >> obesity, diabetes. >> cholesterol problems. >> reporter: now a seismic shift. eat more, lots more, and lose weight. >> really? >> really! it's called volume-metrics. >> could volume po
income families. >>> thousands of people filled the streets of downtown san jose this morning as ktvu's janine de la vega reports it was for one of the nation's largest thanksgiving day races. [ siren ] >> a stampede of runners took over the santa clara street this morning at the annual turkey trot. nearly 25,000 people participated, making it the second largest race of its kind in the country. >> first it is intimidating but the fact there are so many different people you don't know doing the same thing as you do kind of encouraging you to do the same goal. >> people registered to the last minute while others focused on showing off their costumes. those watching on the sidelines got a kick out of seeing people dressed as indiana jones and honey boo-boo. there were also plenty of people in thanksgiving themed costumes. >> i am a left over, thanksgiving leftovers. see my swan? >> organizes are pleased with the turnout and attribute it to people trying to stay healthy. they say the average american consumes 4000 calorieses double the amount recommended. >> later if i stuff with pumpkin
. reporting live, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> in san jose, police are looking for a hit-and-run driver who killed a man in san jose this morning. the collision took place just after 6 a.m. on allen rock avenue near the intersection with jackson avenue. police say the man was crossing about 30 feet away from the crosswalk and died at the scene. investigators say they don't have a whole lot to go on. >> all we have on that vehicle is it's a dark-colored sedan, unknown make or model. we're still talking to witnesses right now. >> a second vehicle also hit the man. that driver stopped and cooperated with police. >>> earlier this morning, divers recovered the body of a 59-year-old man from a quarry in oakland. he apparently fell from a cliff above. this is all right next to the rockridge shopping center. authorities say andrew malyon's roommate told them he had gone to look for his cat last night in the rain and never returned. the fire department called in the sheriff's dive team and just after midnight, they located him, underwater, after a five-hour search. >> it's raining and it's wet back there,
friday deals. some people have been camping out since last friday outside the best buy in san jose. look at those tents. they want to be the first in line when they observe at midnight and some are perks earns -- experiencing a backlash and they are asking them to give employees thanksgiving night off. some stores are not waiting until midnight. both wal-mart and seals plan to open 8:00 tonight. and the par gone outlets open at 10:00. >>> well, some wal-mart employees are threatening to walk off at the height of the black friday rush. >> employees at the wal-marts on the boulevard plan to picket at 8:00 tonight. workers in richfield will rally tomorrow. many marched through a wal-mart calling for better pay >> i believe wal-mart should pay us more. and can afford to pay us more. >> organizers are expected to take place. the discount chains are not expected to disrupt holiday shopping. >>> this morning, it is back up after they disrupted after the eve of thanksgiving. they were shooting at each other around 8:30 last night. one officer found a quarreled with bullets at the scene. all la
wanted to focus your attention on a san jose man suspected of a violent crime spree. jonathan willbanks appeared in court. the crime spree resulted in the death of this man. his family is planning a memorial service. more from karina rusk. >> reporter: he walked into the court with his head down, his demeanor in sharp contrast to the one san jose police described friday night, 26-year-old faces eight felony counts including murder with special circumstances for this senseless killing of rory pettiford. this is public defender. >> what would you say the state of mind? >> i would say extremely remorseful. >> it included the murder of pettiford but four armed robberies and assault on an or and attempted murder of a peace officer. deputy d.a. says it was fortunate there was only one murder. >> it would be nice if he was remorseful. all i can say the officer that was fired upon had round after round raining down on him. >> if convicted, the death of pettiford makes it a possible death penalty case. a decision the district attorney will make at a later time. >> does he realize the seriousness
have been camped out here for days at this best buy in san jose for black friday deals. what we didn't find is some of the biggest retailers that may surprise you. >> first, a suspect faces a judge after a violent crime spree that left one man dead. the charges and the search for an alleged accomplice. n >>> a man appeared in a santa clara county courtroom today. it ended with a violent series of crimes involving one man dead and a police officer injured. robert honda tells us, the suspect's demeanor was is lot different today than it was last week when he was running from police. >> reporter: a shackled 26-year- old jonathan dawson wilbanks shuffled in to the courtroom this afternoon, rarely changing a somber expression. he was captured last night after police say he and another man went on an armed robbery crime spree, and later shot and killed 22-year-old rory petiford. wilbanks surrendered. he was charged with numerous accounts. >> that potentially is a life without the possibility of parole, or a death penalty charge. so there's not much more you can do to somebody after that. >
to froster city. no problems if you are headed to oakland or san jose airport. same goes for the peninsula. 380, 92, all trouble free if you are trying to get to the sfo. your full traffic check in just a few minutes. >> thank you robin. is now we are out to glide memorial for their thanksgiving meal. mike pelton is there. the energy has really stepped up. >> underway. a lot of volunteers about 500 of them perfect for everyone who coming here today. i will show you some of the turkey and ham. about 500 volunteers. 5,000 meals. to those in need in our community. a lot of these volunteers themselves tell me they have fallen hon hard times but it is important to them to come back out to the community. take a listen. ingly just realize there are so many people who are much more in need than i am who have fallen into harder times. they haven't had the resources. now that i am getting my life back together, i wanted to give back and just get the good feeling that i'm feelinglike rewarding myself for getting it together and i can help others as well. >> reporter: those who come out will not get a
,000 reward for capture and conviction of the second suspect. >>> san jose police looking for a hit-and-run driver today. two cars hit a pedestrian that was jaywalking after 6:00 a.m. the first driver, in a dark-colored sedan hit the man and sped off. the driver of a minivan that also hit the pedestrian stopped and is cooperating with police. >>> in san francisco, a rush hour mess tonight. simultaneous accidents causing a lot of confusion. just after 5:00 p.m., a driver hit a pedestrian. 30 seconds later, an explosion in a manhole, blowing its lid. all of this happening south of market, on howard street between 9th and 11th. the underground explosion is linked to electrical wiring connected to the city's med troe system. the pedestrian hit by the driver remains in critical condition. >>> an apology for the widow of steve jobs for the alameda man who violated her home and her heart, when he stole thousands of jewelry and electronics and her late husband's wallet. he wrote an apology from jail, saying he didn't mean to cause her more pain. the man who is responsible for a string of ri
hours. you will notice a sharp contrast from north to south. san jose .20 of an inch. in oakland just after an inch and came down good at times. just over an inch in napa. almost two and a half inches of rain. it is gone. here is where we are in terms of season. 121% of average in san francisco. running 90% of normal in oaknd la. san jose is still lagging at 63. and you can see sacramento is above average. ukiah is just a little bit below where you should be. here is the forecast, clear and chilly overnight. patches of fog for the interior valleys and look for sunny and mild weather for thanksgiving. tomorrow morning if you have early plans to travel, watch out for the fog in the valleys. temperatures will be running low. it will be cold. make sure you bundle yourselves up. the temperatures will be in the upper 30s around fairfield. 37 napa and 37 santa rosa. most other areas will be in the 40s except san francisco down to 50 degrees. here is a look at the satellite and the radar. the cold front that came through brought us the rain. it is long gone. now the high pressure starts to pu
need to know about into your commute. >>> live shot of san jose now, earlier today, we had an accident in san jose at first and brokaw between a chp car and minivan that hit the car, no injuries the driver of the van left and this was on the vta tracks it is gone now, good news for san jose folks. live shot san jose julian off-ramp, cones getting ready to be set up for the turkey trot, expect delays around the hp pavillion. >>> meteorologist mike night >>> welcome back. 30s north bay half mile to quarter mile visibility in napa because of the fog. rest of us starting in the 40s. this ♪ >>> there he is. and by he, i do mean sam champion, getting ready to lead the gulf coast high marching band. they're in philadelphia, as we wish all of you a very happy thanksgiving. a day of gratitude. traditions like this one, thanksgiving day parades. it's sam's fifth year there, celebrating with the city of brotherly love. having a blast. >> and ginger zee is having a blast. you have sam, with the high school band. and ginger, surrounded by clowns and balloons. ginger will tell us all about it. thi
? >> happening now in san jose, retailers are ramping up to get ready for the shoppers on black friday. malls and shopping centers have been facing tougher competition recently. it's only getting worse. electronics chain best buy hoping not to join some of the former competitors at the retail graveyard. such as good guys and circuit city. best buy will be put to the test, sales at brick and mortar sales fell by 4.3%. online sales went up 10% this, shift happening throughout retail sector, online sales hit just over $10 billion, up 16% compared to last year, sites expected to ring up $43.5 billion by the end of the holidays up 17% over last year. shoppers are getting more and more savvy. >> if you do research you're going to get the better price. you can find a showroom, go from there. >> dale is the director of retail management institute. >> if they don't offer factors that are important to consumers, more than an online retailer does, then, in fact, the decision will be based on price. >> best buy says it's meeting the challenge, offering better train add associates, specializing in product
time ever. they are the valley fair in san jose and santa clara, and stoneridge shopping center down in pleasanton. we have you covered on the best money saving tips for this black friday. you can check out cbssf.com/black friday. >>> there is a holiday backlash from employees at walmart. [ chanting ] >> dozens of pro union protestors rallied at this oakland walmart yesterday. similar rallies are planned for tonight and tomorrow. walmart is nonunion. these protestors say the company thrives bidenning their workers a living -- by denying their workers a living inning what. walmart has asked the national labor relations board to stop the rally but a decision probably won't come in time. >>> a man accused in a deadly crime spree that included shooting a police officer now says he is sorry. jonathan wilbanks walked into court yesterday. police are still looking for his accomplice in last friday's rampage. officers say they are behind an armed robbery spree that left one man dead. a police officer was wounded in that shootout. wilbanks' attorney says his client is extremely remorseful. bu
at 10:00 p.m. >>> starting now in san jose, thousands of runners are getting themselves ready for one of the bickest turkey trot races. i knowi know, you can see where crews are still setting up the stage. >> reporter: that is the start of the race and you can only see two lanes of traffic and 1400 can pass in there immediate minute. 24,000 had registered to walk and run in this downtown race. they extended it to 30 more minute and it brings out some serious runners. a huge motivation is burning calories. >> the average american gains 6 pounds between thanksgiving day and new year's if and if you have that excuse, this is a nice time to have that supply. they could hit the million loyal lore mark. off rams remain open and they have added additional parking spots but people are being encouraged to use the light rail and and that will take you directly here and there are lots of activities, fun area for the kids as well as a costume contest. and there are a few other involving walnut creek and that starts this morning at 8:00. lifetime fitness will start and in pete month and it will b
is taking place in san jose on city streets but we are hearing of delays on guadalupe parkway as you exit so that may slow you down a bit this morning. other than that traffic very quiet through the south bay. live look at 237 not a lot going on there so looking good. here's lawrence with the forecast. >> the storm clouds have cleared out. and you're looking as a nice thanksgiving day around the bay area. still chilly out the door early on. some of the temperatures in the 40s and 50s. high pressure building in overhead so nice and dry on this holiday. and it looks like a beautiful afternoon outside. expect mostly temperatures in the 60s and that ridge will continue to build in the next few days so warmer friday and saturday. staying nice and dry through the first part of this next week. my name is major jennifer johnson. i just want to say hello to my family and friends in roosevelt, new jersey. i really miss you guys and i miss especially the food this time of year. so happy thanksgiving. >>> hi. my name is captain robert mckiska. i'd like to introduce
of thousands are expected to hit the streets of san jose for the silicon valley turkey trot that kicks off at 6:30 a.m. of the this is the 8th year for the family event. since it began the turkey trot has raised more than $2 million for local charities in the south bay. 25,000 people are expected to participate this year and that's the deal. get up early, run and you can justify the meal. >> i like to get up early and eat! >> eating the operative word. >>> live pictures from the big apple. there's hello kitty in the streets there. and somewhere behind hello kitty there's spider-man and dozens of other famous characters. they are ready to roll in the macy's thanksgiving day parade of course in new york city. there are special seats for those hit hard by superstorm sandy. you can watch the parade right here on cbs 5. that's all starting at 1:00 this afternoon. i love watching this parade. >> i do, too. it is fun. it starts later. being on the east coast all those years, you are used to getting up at 9:00 and boom there it is. you have to wait a little longer here. looks like a nice day. >> you c
. close to average in other locations except san jose. only 63% of normal. it's early in the season. there is more rain still to come wevyñ Ñ hope that will brig south bay up to normal levels. temperatures 56 degrees in san francisco. 61 across the bay. mid to upper 50s in other locations, these are the forecast features, clear and chilly conditions overnight, patches of fog developing and it will be sunny, mild thanksgiving day, tomorrow, satellite shows the passage of the frontal system brought us rain last couple days, high pressure building in behind it.9pp' dry pattern throughout the week. a mild one, temperatures up around 70 degrees over the next couple afternoons. tonight as you follow time line, you'll see fog developing. and that fog will expand this weekend through the delta. so some inland valleys can see fog developing over the next three overnight periods. we've got a nice night coming our way. we've got patches of fog sh low temperatures on the low 40s in the north bay valleys. then, tomorrow, thanksgiving day, mild conditions and maybe cooler with pleasant by afte
in san jose where i live. i was born and raised in oakland, i went to jail in livermore. here is the part. normal people don't laugh at jail there. i worked there. god bless you if you worked there. i couldn't do that job for two days in a row. i can do it for an hour. an ex-felon who is an extraordinary father. i can become an ex-drunk who is an exceptional citizen. there is a transition necessary for a convicted, afflicted person the and it involves payback. i owe so i go. but i'll tell the incarcerated, hey, if life was fair, you wouldn't be in here right now. you would have parents that cared and gave you the road map to success and they stuck around. they didn't hurt you on wait. they go yeah. if life was fair, you wouldn't have been busted when your partner wasn't. yeah. they love that one a lot. and then i'll say this well, if they locked you up for everything you really did do criminally, when would you get out? they don't like that one at all. so i'm blessed to be here for a brief period of time this afternoon and i'll tell you this, the first thought wrong is my problem. i was f
're traveling into the central valley, we're looking good. 68 in livermore, 66 in san jose. the next couple days temperatures staying nice and comfortable from everybody here at nbc bay area, happy thanksgiving. >>> and that's your latest weather. natalie, willie? >> looking good out there. we're going to have much more from the parade. the 86th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade, include some of the performers. we're just getting started. first, this is "today" on nbc. >>> coming up, martha stewart and giada de laurentiis whip up a thanksgiving feast. into their, their name on the door, and their heart into their community. small business saturday is a day to show our support. a day to shop at stores owned by our friends and neighbors. and do our part for the businesses that do so much for us. on november 24th, let's get out and shop small. a $99 dewalt drill. [ gus ] oh, and this nest 1.0 learning thermostat for only $198. c'mon kids! while we're young. ♪ dewalt drill. check. do you have eyes on the nest thermostat? take a left through hardware! hurry! the line is moving fast. amateurs. [
trots in the nation and in san jose, thousands are gathering for a little picture. and they are looking and having to make them to thousands this thanksgiving. the new color changing candle from air wick, brings light and fragrance together, to create a mesmerizing experience in your home. try the new color changing candle. something in the air wick. . >>> good morning, your time now is 5:30 we will go right over to steve paulson who has an awesome forecast. >> it is dry . >> i'll take it. >> overall, other than that, it will be sunnyside up and a little bit warmer, here is sal. >>> there are no major problems here ,if you are driving on interstate 880, that is a nice looking drive, let's go back to the desk he can are. if you can smell that good smell we know where it is and at the salvation army in san francisco, he is busy this morning, alex? >> the goal is to make it better for 5,000 peoplement so the meal will come to them and it is all being prepared in the homes this morning and there is the stuffing getting all prepared. i want to show this massive mixer and you know you are mak
for the opportunity. my name is roland [speaker not understood], i'm from san jose. i am one of the strongest supporters of the caltrain modernization program. i [speaker not understood] it extensive the last year. i am really pleased by the report from the executive director with the recent developments because frankly there have been questions about how this project has been moving in the last year. i'll give you some examples. highlights for the last year ask a 1-1/2 million dollars bond, get the accurate gps coordinates of the equipment, and $6 million in program management. now, there are many amounts of technical questions that have to be answered urgently because it directly impacts the capacity of the line down the peninsula affecting all the cities because currently the plan is to put passing track. we frankly are not required if you have a modern signalling system. in closing, what you have in front of you is an application for signaling system. it's got nothing to do with electrification which is in prop k. [speaker not understood]. in other words, you have a choice in front of you
an academic high school; he has a degree from san jose state, currently working as a computer analyst. i still would like for him to be an owner of a cab. i put a book which i used 35 years ago. is transnational legal problems, the exclusion act, [indiscernible] whereby a chinese citizen who went to china and came back was denied entry. and was excluded. similar to what is happening to my son. the court reversed the decision about immigration people. currently, [indiscernible] was allowed entry; he was also born in the united states. i find similarity in the case of my son. his name is joseph basetta [sounds like] last name. i will bring a copy of the decision by the court, united states against [indiscernible]. i will provide the commentaries and decisions. >> secretary boomer: last person, bill [indiscernible] >> last but not lest. first of all i'd like to say, -- she came to the last taxi panel, a great thing for us to have somebody come. f you should all come. to find out more about the cab industry. i would like to know why the cab companies got 250 taxi cab medallions at below mar
was not in the crosswalk. the car is described as a sedan. this is the ninth fatality so far this year in san jose. >> 26-year-old man is charged with a series of violent crimes including firing on a police officer. that person is in custody after making a court appearance. he was charged with murder with special circumstances, robbery. assault with a firearm on an officer and receiving a stolen vehicle. >> he is charged with murder and he is eligible for life without the possibility of parole and the death penalty. >> he was one of two men who conducted four armed robberies shooting oneman during a carjacking attempt and involved in a gun fight with police officers. they are still looking for the second alleged accomplice. he did not enter a plea but return to court on december 5th . >>> si is reporting that a decision to start kaepernick was not based on smith's condition. and he tossed two touchdowns, compileed a 133 passer rating and earned good reviews from his teammates on monday against the bears. he will be under center on sunday. >>> we'll take a break. 4:23. we'll have more headlines in a mome
to 65 and 66 expected in san jose. as we take a look at your thanksgiving forecast by dinner time, it will start off sunny and it will get darker but we anticipate clearer skies in the 60s a pleasant day on top around the bay area. as we look ahead here on the 7 day around the bay forecast. it will be dry for everyone waiting in line on black friday. saturday looks to be warmer and some of your highs could be in the 70s. cooler as we start the next work week. >> i have been checking the extended models. and so that is something that we will track for you but at 6:48 we're on to traffic now. good morning. >> good morning to you. let's take a look at traffic heading through milpitas. and right at the off ramp. the crews on the scene, cleaning up after flooding. there is lots of mud across the lanes. they are open it was shut down completely. this is going on since 3:00. now you have the two right lanes closed. 680. give yourself extra time if you are traveling along that stretch. traffic is looking better on 580 and heading through the pass. the drive time is not too bad a small st
the same story of recovery is playing out in miami, san francisco, san jose, seattle. big losers staging convincing turnaround. i think this may be the most important story of the year, and not when you're likely to hear much about. the media likes to avoid good news headlines. the headline, if it were written, would be, housing is the best opportunity for americans with ready cash. a strong recovery, lower intere rates, low prices. how you can make out like a bandit. that's a right to it. all-star panel. and michael lawson, research and will -- analyst. welcome all. we will start with you. what do you make of this market -- market? bumping along the bottom? what is going on to mac. >> beyond. this recovery is for real, and that think it's going to surprise on the upside with its vigor. there are all the signs of positive. inventories are down to six months. housing prices are up in all metropolitan areas, and the best thing is that spply is receding. pent-up demand is coming back. gerri: i like the sound of that. but you make some interesting points. you say is recovery could be more an
like a volcano exploding. they were shocked, they said, but not surprised. the san jose mine has one of the worst safety records in the region. the first rescue team didn't get very far. 300 yards from here, the underground road was blocked by a boulder twice the weight of the empire state building. with the 33 still alive, the odds were put at 2%. half a mile underground, victor zamora was repairing the roof of the mine when the force of the collapse plastered him against a wall. he stumbled to the shelter where food was meant to be stored for just such an emergency. there was enough for a couple of picnics. how did you react to that? >> [speaking spanish] >> male translator: we were so mad. there was almost nothing there. we couldn't believe that we were supposed to survive with so little. we were treated even worse than animals. it was shocking. >> three days after the collapse, the rescue team started sending probes down. trouble was, they had no idea where the miners were. all they had were sketches, which were outdated and inaccurate. but they kept on drilling day and night. th
discipline policies and also i teach teachers at san jose state and hundred students who are future teachers. >> can they do a projector? >> no. my teacher did, but again using social media, integrating all of the areas is so important for the prevention. thank you for that focus too and i think that gentleman has comments. >> i was going to follow up in the conversation with digital media or literacy needed within the educational system. we are still experiencing digital divide and access and just the one you speak of recently officer when you mention the generations and investigators not engaged with this media and no don't know my book or face space and when you have to look at youth culture. we talk about texting and sexing and omg and i didn't text anything to you. i spoke to and part of the language and how they engage so until we look at the culture of young people and how do we impact today's 20th century media culture we can't make a huge impact in regards to bullying or electronic aggression or whatever name we want to place on it and is affecting the students and i am excited
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